How we are making a difference

Water drilling (boreholes)

Water drilling boreholes to provide clean water for impoverished villagers.

To date we have drilled 4 boreholes in Uganda, providing clean potable water to thousands of impoverished villagers and communities, including a primary school.  Health records in one of the villages showed a reduction in typhoid from 90% to 10% in 1 year as a direct result of having a clean water source.


Income generating goat project in Uganda.  Helping vulnerable children who have lost their parents.

Through income generating animal projects we have been able to train villagers in Uganda in pig/sheep/goat and bee keeping projects.  Each family receives the animals required for breeding or a hive for the apiary project and undergoes training so they are able to have the knowledge to generate income for their families through selling offspring and honey in the local markets.  


Greenhouse built at a primary school in Uganda.  This will provide growing of nutritious food.

Through income generating crop projects in Uganda we train impoverished villagers in planting and growing pineapples and various vegetables to generate a nutritious food source as well as income through selling them in the local markets.  In 2018 we built a greenhouse for a primary school in Uganda. 

Mosquito nets

distributing mosquito nets at a boarding school in Uganda.

We have distributed hundreds of insecticide treated mosquito nets that not only keep mosquitoes away but kill them on contact with the net. This is of major importance as sickness can keep children from school and adults away from work, becoming costly and financially draining on individuals and families who need constant treatment.